1987: Court building saved!


September 13WS

Cecil Pittman
The Neepawa Press

80 years ago
Tuesday, September 7, 1937
Mr. Baroni’s bridge over the Whitemud River to his chicken ranch gave way under the weight of Neil McIntyre’s truck and 130 bushels of wheat were dumped into the river Friday evening. The wheat was being taken across the river for feed, but when the four wheels of his truck got on the bridge, the boards began to creak gradually and the vehicle turned turtle. Arnold Baroni and another man were in the cab with Mr. McIntyre, but they were not injured, nor was the truck damaged.


70 years ago
Thursday, September 11, 1947
Man’s method of defence against animals in the early centuries, up to the present form of ammunition and rifles, was described in great detail to a well attended Lions Club meeting on Monday, Sept. 8, held by Wm. Holden, of Canadian Industries Limited. As early as 100 B.C., the Chinese were reported to have a crude form of powder that exploded when ignited by fire. As time progressed, such things as black powder and muzzle loading guns were invented, and the use of guns as a weapon of war and defence were taking prominent place in the minds of men. Visitors of the meeting included several members of the local Game and Fish Association and a special guest of the club, Mr. Robert Hunter, of Neepawa, a prominent marksmen.

60 years ago
Thursday, September 12, 1957
A former Neepawa resident, Sargent Phil Drysdale, of the RCMP in Chilliwack, was recently a big winner in the West Coast horticultural shows, with his fine display of Gladioli. Mr. Drysdale is in charge of the Chilliwack RCMP detachment.

50 years ago
Friday, September 8, 1967
Prompt action by his mother, Mrs. Ernie Schrader, saved the life of five-year-old Kenny Schrader, who had fallen into their dug-out Tuesday evening. His floating body was rescued by his mother, who immediately applied artificial respiration and was successful with mouth-to-mouth breathing. Kenny was rushed by ambulance to the hospital, where he was in critical condition for several hours.

40 years ago
Thursday, September 8, 1977
The Neepawa Silver Spurs Light Horse Club will be hosting an inter-club competition this Saturday, Sept. 10. The competition is their big wind-up to an eventful year. For horse lovers, there will be some interesting events, with competitors coming from the Eden, Minnedosa and Basswood 4-H Light Horse clubs, as well as from the local Silver Spurs. There will be grooming, showmanship, bareback riding and western pleasure classes, so join the spectators on Saturday at the fairgrounds.

30 years ago
Wednesday, September 16, 1987
Just five short years ago, the Beautiful Plains County Court Building was saved from oblivion when, by a three-to-one margin, the people of Neepawa voted against its demolition and replacement by a new municipal facility. The foresight of the 758 people, along with councils of the Town of Neepawa and the Rural Municipalities of Rosedale and Langford, who recognized the historic value of the building to the district, was rewarded Friday afternoon when the courthouse was declared a building of National Architectural Significance. Completed in 1884, at a cost of $20,000, the Beautiful Plains County Court Building is the oldest surviving municipal building on the Prairies.

20 years ago
Monday, September 8, 1997
Harold Hunter has spent the past three weeks collecting over 700 business cards to stake a place in the Guinness book of World Records - All for a cancer stricken American boy. The Neepawa businessman said the request for cards came in through his parents company, MacLeod’s True Value. “It inspired me that he didn’t want much and I thought thats something I could easily do,” said Hunter. Before he dies, the youngster hopes to make it in the Guinness book of World Records ,as the largest collector of business cards.

10 years ago
Monday, September 10, 2007
The 4-H movement in Canada began in 1913, right here in Manitoba. The name 4-H comes from the first letter of the words Head, Heart, Hands and Health. The overall purpose of 4-H is to help people develop as responsible citizens, by contributing to the mental, emotional, social and physical growth of members and leaders. 4-H clubs offer young people fun opportunities to learn leadership, meeting management, communication and other skills. It’s important that young people have the opportunity to be involved in positive, productive activities. Every member completes at least one project to exhibit.