Robbers going to new heights


Ken Waddell
Neepawa Banner & Press

It seems thieves will go to great heights to accomplish their goals. A few weeks ago, the Gladstone Legion clubroom was victimized by robbers.

The thieves climbed onto the Legion roof, broke through the roof, through the insulation and ceiling and into the actual clubroom. Prior to entering the building, they cut the alarm wires.
Once inside, they stole the security cameras and about $35 in cash. They attempted to break into the safe, but were unsuccessful. They damaged some cupboards, but strangely enough, did not steal any liquor.
Chicken Delight at Neepawa was broken in a similar manner, with thieves going in through the roof, and a quantity of cash stolen.
Spruce Plains RCMP sergeant Mark Morehouse said at press time that there were no suspects yet, but the cases are still under investigation.