1997: 911 services provided to Neepawa area


By Cecil Pittman

Neepawa Banner & Press

80 years ago. Friday, October 22, 1937: John Foster, of Keyes, reeve of Lansdowne, was slugged and robbed of nearly $200 while on duty as elevator agent on Tuesday, Oct. 19.The man who is alleged to have committed the act was tracked into the woods and later picked up by the police. He was identified as Joseph Zintner, 25, and reported to have all the money in his possession when taken into custody. Immediately following the robbery Mr. Foster telephoned chief McClain, of Neepawa, who notified the RCMP of Gladstone who tracked the man down.

70 years ago. Thursday, October 30, 1947: It is not uncommon on a Monday morning to hear tales of brawls and bruises in the back lanes of Neepawa after citizens from far and near have fortified their enthusiasm with a few drafts of lager. However, to hear of a law-abiding and Christian gentleman of one of our nearby peaceful villages being assaulted in the parsonage of his church is a horse of a different colour. It is learned from well informed sources that a few days ago a Christian and highly respected citizen of a nearby community went to the parsonage of his church of which he is one of the main supporters, to gratuitously make some repairs for the comfort of the pastor and his family and in furtherance of the Lord. It is alleged that while on his worthy mission the church member was, without warning or cause, feloniously assaulted by a hard blow in the mouth which sent him reeling to the floor. The blow is alleged to have been dealt by the pastor’s son, a man of husky proportions. When the assaulted member finally extricated himself and reached the street he was in a dazed and bloodstained condition. This is indeed strange and amazing conduct on the part of a servant of the Lord in a peaceful and law abiding community. The injured man is, above all, entitled to see that the law is enforced and that he is not in danger of his life or injury to his person.

60 years ago. Thursday, October 24, 1957: Jack Thomas is once again president of Jack Dance Club. Jack Thomas was re-elected president of the Neepawa square-dance club at a meeting held on Thursday, Oct. 17 in the arcade. Other officers elected were Roy McGilvary, secretary and Lyle Hulme, treasurer. Members of the executive are Mrs. Carl North, Mrs. Roy Birnie, Harold Ishenberg, and Harold Harrison. 

50 years ago. Tuesday, October 24, 1967: Arden - Friday evening, Oct. 20, was senior citizens night here and more than 100 citizens of Lansdowne municipality, including the pioneers, were entertained in Arden School auditorium by the Lansdowne Centennial Committee. The guests were received by reeve Cecil Ferguson and Mrs. Ferguson, and committee chairman Keith Hoath and Mrs. Hoath. They were ushered to their seats by D.B. Foreman and W.B. Cochrane. Dennis Patterson was chairman for a variety program and a showing of slides and movies by B. Clayton and G. Orchard of the Centennial activities of the year. Highlight of the evening was a presentation of order of the Crocus Certificates to citizens 75 years of age and over from the Manitoba Centennial Corporation. Mrs. D.B. Foreman and Mrs. W.B. Cochrane made the presentations.

40 years ago. Thursday, October 27, 1977: Studded tires are now legal. The motor vehicle branch of the Manitoba Department of Highways reminds motorists that studded tires may now be used on motor vehicles in the province. Tires with studs may be placed on vehicles on Oct. 1 and must be removed by April 30 of the following year.

30 years ago. Wednesday, October 28, 1987: The Neepawa and District Chamber of Commerce will finally be getting a new tourist information booth, although they won’t be building what was originally planned. Wayne Hollier of the building committee told chamber members Monday night the building has just been purchased for use by the Chamber. Hollier said the purchase had been made “after an opportunity came to us.” The new tourist information booth will be housed in a building formally used as a church. The structure is 26 feet by 52 feet, according to Hollier.

20 years ago. Monday, October 27, 1997: The Town of Neepawa has entered into a formal agreement to provide an emergency 911 service to the area. Last month, an agreement in principle was signed with Manitoba Telecom Services and the City of Brandon to supply the service. Now, it’s been made official. The agreement includes not only the town, but also the neighbouring Rural Municipalities of Langford, Rosedale and Lansdowne. “We’re moving uniformly with everyone in agreement,” said Neepawa Essential Services Committee chairman Bill Stilwell. “This won’t be done piecemeal.” Stilwell said even though the agreement has been signed, it will take at least another six months until Neepawa and the RM’s are using the Brandon based emergency service.

10 years ago. Monday, October 29, 2007: She doesn’t have the requisite wings or halo, but to countless women in the Neepawa area, Mary Ellen Clark has truly been an angel in disguise. And today she’s one of the 21 volunteers being recognized with Great West Life Award of Distinction. The award, being presented at the 16th annual Guardian Angels Benefit for women’s cancer is honouring the Cancer Care Manitoba Breast Cancer Centre of Hope Community Contact group.  “All we want to do is help, you never expect recognition for something like this,” Clark said. “It’s very humbling, I was surprised and honoured to hear I would receive an award.” Clark, who was diagnosed with breast cancer 12 years ago, said she never expected such a devastating disease to bring about something so positive, both for herself and the women she’s helped.