Big Grass Marsh up in flames


By Banner Staff

Neepawa Banner & Press

Last week, Langruth and surrounding areas experienced a state of emergency as portions of The Big Grass Marsh went up in flames.

The blaze travelled to highway 50, luckily  none of the local residential or farm buildings along the road received any major damages. The whole week, the fire departments from Amaranth and Langruth fought the fires and they were forced to call in water bombers to finally stem the inferno. 

According to the R.M. of  Westlake-Gladstone Mayor David Single the fire would appear to have been set intentionally though no suspects have been found or named. Single said, “No one should be starting any outdoor fires in the area.” There is still high risk of more fires breaking out, the area is very dry. A large amount of pasture grass was lost and some farmers in the area will be forced to allocate different sources for grazing this fall.