Classic country supports local group


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photo by John Drinkwater John Cullen, as Johnny Cash, performing “Folsom Prison Blues “. Cullen was one of the wide array of local artists who participated in the Grand Ole Opry on Saturday, Oct. 28.

By John Drinkwater
Neepawa Banner and Press 

On Saturday, Oct. 28, local musicians performed the songs of the Grand Ole Opry country music stars.

The event, entitled “ A tribute to the Grand Ole Opry”, was organized by Ron Nordstrom and Val Jarema as a fundraiser for the Beautiful Plains Archives. All age groups were represented in the Roxy audience, which numbered over 250 as they sang, with toes tapping along with the music. A “ house band comprised of Greg Fleck, “ Hughie” McLaughlin, Jim Danino and Ron Nordstrom supported talented local musicians, including  John  Cullen, Richard Desjardin, Herb Benson, Jessica Lukin, Shawn and Moira Woods, Isabel Jarema, Merv Bohn, Maureen Sneddon, Val Jarema, Carolyn Payjack, Bud Johnson, Mavis Rowe, Pat Martin, Denise Kennedy, Angie Weisgerber, Colin McNairney, Larry Novak and Ron Nordstrom.

It is estimated that nearly $5,000 was raised prior to any expenses. Excellent lighting and sound enhanced a most memorable show. Congratulations to all involved in the show.