A holiday greeting from the Mayor of Neepawa



By Adrian de Groot

Town of Neepawa

This time of year has always been a special time ever since I can remember.  It brought the joy of family and friends getting together by enjoying a special meal and playing games.  Everyone got involved and fellowship abounded.  It was also about remembering those who could not sit at the table with us, the people we miss, loved, and cherished.

In Neepawa and surrounding area, we have the richness of cultural diversity and the blending of calling each one of us friends and neighbors.  Each of us perhaps celebrating in different ways as was passed to us by our parents and also by embracing or creating new traditions within our families.

The common thread that binds us is respect and understanding no matter what faith or religion we prescribe to.

On behalf of Sandra, myself, Council and administration for the Town of Neepawa, we send our love and best wishes for a joyful and Merry Christmas and all the best for the New Year to come.  Even if you do not celebrate at this time of year, may the sights and sounds of the season enrich your lives and blessings to you all.

Adrian de Groot

Mayor, Town of Neepawa.