Michelle Gerrard has 'moxie'


By Eoin Devereux

Neepawa Banner & Press

The strength, perseverance and ‘moxie’ of a Neepawa business owner has been recognized. Moxie Trades, a global company that designs, manufactures and distributes safety footwear exclusively for woman, recently named Michelle Gerrard its Moxiest Work Woman of the Year. 

In a press release, Moxie Trades stated that Gerrard was singled out because she exemplifies a woman of bravery, integrity, mentorship, love and of course moxie. 

The criteria for recognition was for the individual who has built a successful business venture while facing and overcoming obstacles. For Gerrard, those requirements were met, and then some, 14 years ago. 

Six months after purchasing True Value Hardware (now known as Home Hardware Building Centre), Gerrard discovered that she had Stage 1, Type 3, aggressive breast cancer. To now go along with raising a young family and the stress of operating a fledgling business, was the added strain of constantly travelling to Winnipeg for radiation treatments. Through it all, Michelle and the rest of the Gerrard family persevered, and came out of it stronger, as 14 years later, cancer is a distant memory and the business continues to thrive. 

For Gerrard, being recognized in such as manner was an unexpected, but fun surprise. 

“[Moxie Trades] called me and said ‘You’re [this year’s award recipient].’ It’s kind of fun, especially coming from a company that I’ve always been a fan of. This means a lot,” said Gerrard.