Homebodies - Confession time...


Rita Friesen
Neepawa Banner & Press

With the need to start the year off with a clean slate, I confess I stole a day. Back in the busyness of December, there was a cancellation of a day’s commitments. Oh, I could have found a dozen ‘duty’ things to do. And I love doing my duty, as I perceive it. Not so much if others dictate them! My choice was to not let anyone know that I was expectantly at home, and free. Not this day, I wanted it to myself.

There were a number of little projects, and some huge ones, that needed my attentions. Some writing, some sewing, some creating and some playing. This was going to be my day. It started off right. I sewed together two quilt blocks, (proof reading- I had typed in guilt blocks, and that is what they are becoming- this project had been on the go for a long time!) adding to the dozen done, and the dozens waiting to be done. I knocked off a couple of columns for the season ahead, made a cup of coffee and took time to plan the attack for the day, for all this had been done before ten! I stayed away from computer games and television, focusing on my list.

I am three holidays’ behind in scrapbooking. My sister got a great start on Thailand 2004, with Holland 2016, and Iceland/France 2017, still in boxes.   Somehow holidays between 2004 and 2016 got completed. Strange that. So Thailand 2004 is on the kitchen table, scissors, glue and various paraphernalia at the ready. It will get done – for it has become a duty.

It was a very cold day, one of the first, so the dogs got off easy = – opened the door and encouraged them to utilise the privacy of the back yard rather than go for a long walk. They complied. No regrets on my part, the plan for the day does include a walk when the sun is at the highest.

Another short cup of coffee and back at the list. Pin a block, write a bit, plan a Sunday service, repeat..oops – no holiday scrapbooking in there. Amend. Go now and complete two pages of holiday memories.

I have to admit, these were guilty pleasures. There are friends I should call or drop in on. And again, the only ‘should’ comes from within. These interactions bring blessings to both the giver and the receiver. I would like to escape and have lunch with a friend, but then I sabotage my day’s goals. Stick with it, the list is shortening, the sense of accomplishment growing. And then, an email that demands a reply, a phone call that invites participation, and the possibility of being de-railed is real. Focus, focus, I hear my mentor admonishing. And so, it back to sew a square, write a bit and scrapbook. There, I have the pattern of the day back on track.

To loved ones, I confess I stole a day, just for me. And I accept your freely given forgiveness. Clean slate for the new year!