Question of the week & Thumbs up, thumbs down: January 8, 2018


Question of the Week
Here is some reaction from our most recent question of the week (Dec. 29th edition). Following a recent Neepawa Town Council meeting, what is your opinion of the boarding house debate?

I don’t believe anything like this should be allowed. There may be only two company vans at this time, but how long will it be until each person acquires a car and parks it on the front lawn?Where once we had beautiful well cared for lawns, they are now filled with vehicles, some being used and some just sitting there. We no longer can boast that we have a beautiful town, let’s not add to the mess.

Donna Legge
Neepawa, MB

Thumbs up, Thumbs down
Thumbs down to the Town of Neepawa, in particular the Neepawa cemetery. Seven years ago we selected and purchased what we thought would be a perfect place for our resting spot. Unfortunately, the Town of Neepawa has placed our monument on the wrong plot, and are not interested in resolving this issue properly. We are very disappointed and angry. Sad when bureaucracy wins over human respect and dignity.


Arnold & Diane Novak
Brandon, MB