Looking Back - 1968: Neepawa wins bronze medals


Cecil Pittman
Neepawa Banner & Press

80 years ago
Friday, January 7, 1938
Some of the local men working at the town’s wood lot went on strike this week against a suggestion that the corporation be saved a little money on transportation bills. A team left for the lot Monday morning and the foreman wanted the men to take this ride, but no siree, no such thing; a train ride to the destination or nothing.

70 years ago
Thursday, January 8, 1948
With modern ways of communication and transportation it does not take long for big city ways to reach the small town. The wave of taxicab robberies in the metropolis of Winnipeg was followed up with an attempted robbery at Neepawa one evening last week. A driver for one of the local taxicab companies was approached by a man who requested to be taken to Eden. A few miles north of town he told the driver that he had no money with which to pay the fare and then immediately slugged the driver on the head with a blunt instrument. Although momentarily dazed the driver shoved his attacker against the right hand door, got the door open and pushed him out onto the highway and kept going. What became of the robber is not known but the driver still sports a good sized lump on his head.

60 years ago
Tuesday, January 7, 1958
Residents of Neepawa and district contributed a total of $301.52 to the local Salvation Army Christmas Cheer kettle this year - a considerable increase over last year’s figure. The kettle was manned by the members of the Neepawa Rotary Club for the two Saturdays preceding Christmas.

50 years ago
Friday, January 5, 1968
The Neepawa Collegiate runners captured bronze medals for the third place finishes in events at the Saskatchewan Centennial Indoor Games held Dec. 29 and 30 at Saskatoon. It marked the first time students from the Neepawa Collegiate had travelled out of the province for a track meet and their feat in winning bronze medals was considered exceptional, considering the lack of proper training facilities in Neepawa. Mark Stoddart and Robert Brugger were the medal winners - Mark for a third in the 600-metre event for midget boys, Robert for a third in the one mile event for juvenile boys.

40 years ago
Thursday, January 5, 1978
The Touchwood Park trainee residence is more than just an idea now - it’s a reality. The residence is expected to be completed by the end of January. Touchwood Park workshop co-ordinator, Mrs. Bobby Scott, said that the Touchwood Park board is hoping to have the residence in operation by early February as soon as the hiring is completed. Work started on the residence last July, with G. Anderson Construction of Neepawa and local sub-trades doing the job.

30 years ago
Tuesday, January 5, 1988
Neepawa RCMP said the New Year’s holiday passed quietly with no charges being laid for impaired driving and no major disturbances or accidents. “We have found generally speaking, that people are quite good over the holidays,” Constable Dan Sutton of the Neepawa detachment said. Sutton said, while the Alert program had been in operation throughout the holiday period, no charges were laid for impaired driving. He said thats not unusual as the incidence of drinking and driving is not a great problem in Neepawa over the Christmas and New Year’s holidays. He also speculated the cold weather may have contributed to the quiet New Years eve weekend.

20 years ago
Monday, January 5, 1998
The Beautiful Plains Palliative Care Committee raised $2,800 from its Memory Trees during the festive season. “We’re overwhelmed with the response of people (to the project),” said Mary Ellen Clark of the 10-member Palliative Care Committee. As part of its fundraising effort to furnish a palliative care room for the terminally ill at the Neepawa hospital, the committee designated the two trees in front of the Neepawa Pharmacy on Mountain Ave. as ‘Memory Trees.’ The trees were strung with lights, which could be purchased at a cost of $5 each to remember a loved one. Names of those remembered by a light were also recorded in a Memory Book which will be on display at the hospital.

10 years ago
Monday, January 7, 2008
The McCreary Drop In Centre held a birthday and Christmas party on Dec. 13 with 52 people present. The pot luck with turkey and all the trimmings was delicious and enjoyed by all. Celebrating birthdays were Helen Brook, Marie Shineton, Charlotte Harrison, Lil Gallagher, Marlene Lundy, Julie Dunn, Sonia Gamache, Hugette Gingras, Carol Hanson and Bertha Caumartin. Following supper old time entertainment was supplied by the Rustic Country Band. A fun Christmas gift exchange took place.



Neepawa Banner & Press Archives
This photo was featured in the Jan. 5, 1968 edition of the Neepawa Press. Left is Mark Stoddart and right is Robert Brugger. Both men won medals at the Saskatoon Centennial Games.