Homebodies - Bored? Only slightly…


Rita Friesen
Neepawa Banner & Press

Sitting there on the big black chair, a dog on my lap and another at my feet, I realized that it was half past dog bath time. My dogs smelt, well, doggie. Miss Daisy in particular is scissor shy. It takes the concentrated assistance of a dog whisperer to clip her nails and trim the tags. Baths she is okay with, a shower, really. Henry Hoover stands moderately well for a hair cut, not enjoying, just enduring. It is too early to really give them a short cut, but the feathers on their feet already bring salt from the roads and it will only get worse with spring.

Hoisting Hoover on the table I managed to get his feet looking tidier, and a few stray long bunches shaped. He does not approve of bath time but has learned that I will win. At the sound of the running water and the appearance of the big blue bath sheets Miss Daisy disappeared, aware that her turn was next. Plenty of suds improved the look of Hoover’s undercarriage and feet. With true sad puppy dog eyes he endured having his floppy ears and sopping tail shampooed. Out of the bath, and towel dried, he still needed to scoot along the hall, pushing himself against the wall. Drying himself or causing me more clean up?

Miss Daisy approached cautiously when called, but she came. Her hairy fur is longer than her brother’s and has a softer texture. It shampoos well. She dislikes having her ears washed, frequently shaking her head and blessing me. Miss Daisy stands longer for the towelling, delighting in the rub down. She heads for the carpet in the living room for a full length belly rub, possibly undoing some of the cleansing?

It has been a great day. I had every reason to simply continue to sit. Something about the increasing daylight is already increasing my energy levels. Memories of starting major projects after supper are re-appearing. Something that seldom happens in the darker winter days! Therefore, rather than do nothing, I did something. Bathing the dogs is a thankless task, two days of playing outdoors undoes it all. I wondered about my willingness to get off the chair and perform this menial job. I do think the doggie fragrance was a factor. I also think that I am getting restless, and perhaps a bit bored with quiet evenings. I completed a jig saw puzzle, played with quilt blocks when the spirit moves, spend enough hours at the computer, get my exercise, speak with friends and family, but…. Yep, the first sign of spring fever. Bathed the dogs, laundered their towels, and then, oh horrors, noted a spider web in the high corner of the entrance. Cleaning that made me aware of the need to wipe down the entrance way. It takes very little time from addressing boredom with busyness to embracing fatigue! Within an short span of time, not a full evenings work, I was back in the chair which I had willingly left.