Country Meadows Olympic Week


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Feb. 19-23 was Country Meadows Olympic week.  

The theme week ended on Friday, Fri. 23 with jersey day for residents and staff as well as fun entertainment by the Neepawa Natives players. Six of the team members came and played a fun game of 3-on-3 floor hockey where their Country Meadows fans got to cheer on their favourite team.  A few of the residents joined in and tried their chances at a shootout as well as played goalie.  Thank you to the Neepawa Natives for not only bringing a fun day of hockey to Country Meadows but for also all of their visits throughout the hockey season.  Different players throughout the season have come and visited, played cards and even had some dances at happy hour.  The residents have enjoyed their company and are looking forward to seeing the team visit again next season.