Deal signed on Beautiful Plains Medical Clinic expansion



From left to right: Co-owner of Kerf Construction, Dale Loewen, Neepawa and District Medical Committee chairperson Arnie Suski, Lyle Loewen, also of Kerf,  and NADCO chairperson Murray Parrott complete signing the agreement to proceed with the expansion at the Beautiful Plains Medical Clinic. Dale and Lyle who represent Kerf Construction won the formal bid to do the work.

By Eoin Devereux

Neepawa Banner & Press

The deal is done for the expansion of the Beautiful Plains Medical Clinic in Neepawa. On Monday, Apr. 9, the building contract was officially signed between the Neepawa Area Development Corporation (NADCO) and Kerf Construction. 

Kerf won the contract with a bid of $499,151.10. That was one of three formal bids that were submitted to the Neepawa and District Medical Committee on the addition. The Committee members reviewed each bid on its individual merits and felt that Kerf was the best option for this particular project. They then made that recommendation to NADCO.

The expansion will see a 1,920 sq. ft addition to the existing building, which will include eight new examination rooms, a soundproof office space, expanded storage area for medical supplies and two new basement suites that will be able to house two additional medical students. 

This is the third major expansion of the clinic since NADCO purchased the clinic back in 2008. The organization consists of a partnership between the Town of Neepawa and Rural Municipalities of Rosedale, Glenella-Lansdowne and North Cypress-Langford.  The clinic itself is run by the Beautiful Plains Medical Clinic committee, which consists of councillors and community members.

After the formal signing of the deal was announced on Monday, Neepawa and District Medical Committee chairperson Arnie Suski noted that it’s great to see another major milestone for this project passed. 

“It started with the purchase of the clinic [in 2008] and the renovating of the original building. Another expansion back in 2012, that was finished in 2013. So, this [expansion] was almost planned since the end of the first one, pretty much. The doctors have told us that we’d need a bit more space, as after the first addition, it was pretty much occupied,” stated Suski. “[After the previous expansion] we didn’t stop raising money. The chair of our lottery committee, Mary Ellen Clark keeps on top of that. We just kept going with the lottery, knowing that we’d need funds for the ongoing renovations and we’ve kept on rolling with it.”

Currently, there are seven doctors operating practices within the facility, with one currently on maternity leave. NADCO chairperson Murray Parrott said this expansion will allow for more doctors to potentially establish practices in Neepawa.

“I am glad that the Neepawa and District Medical Clinic Committee is being housed through NADCO. It brings all the municipalities together, as well as municipal backing. The foresight of that committee was able to make the decisions that allowed for the suites and the addition, which has generated an incredible interest and ability for us to host resident student doctors. That has allowed us to bring the number of physicians up to eight. And it’s all about what that committee has been doing and looking ahead.” stressed Parrott. “I would imagine that by about this time next year, we’ll be able to say that we have nine doctors, maybe more.” 

The exact start date for the construction to begin has not yet been announced, though the work can officially begin two weeks after the formal issuing of the construction permits.