Looking back - 1998: New Super 8 Motel in Neepawa


By Jessica Morton

Neepawa Banner & Press

80 years ago. Tuesday, April 26, 1938: Work was begun Monday to change the Mountain Avenue entrance to the Economy Store. The steps were removed and when the job is completed there will be one step on the outside and two on the inside of the building. The grocery counter has also been moved to the west side of the store. 

70 years ago. Thursday, April 29, 1948: The band meeting on Monday was well attended indicating a healthy interest in reviving the organization. A practice was held after the meeting. A number of instruments have not been turned in as of yet and are needed to bring the band up to strength. 

60 years ago. Tuesday, April 22, 1958: Pete Zahodnik of Riding Mountain informs The Press this week that he sighted a flock of birds, which he believed to be whooping cranes, in flight over his farm. The birds, 17 in all, were sighted at about 7:30 p.m. on Saturday, and were flying in a northwesterly direction, Mr. Zahodnik said. He writes, “These birds were flying in a straight line and were identified by their black feathers on wing tips and tails, and their whooping call. They were flying rather low and looked very large.”

50 years ago. Tuesday, April 23, 1968: Park Lake is proving an attractive spot for wild birds this week. Three white swans arrived on the scene Monday morning and were still at the lake Tuesday, and seven wild geese joined the party Tuesday morning. Along with the one swan and 23 geese which make their home at the lake, plus a few flocks of wild ducks which have been using the lake as a stopover point on their northern trip, the lake is proving a place of interest for bird lovers. 

40 years ago. Thursday, April 27, 1978: Louise Rey of Neepawa received the Manitoba Chambers of Commerce Executive Committee award at the 47th Annual Convention of the Manitoba Chamber of Commerce held in Winnipeg, April 15, 16 and 17. The award is presented to individuals making an outstanding contribution to the Chamber movement. Louise was chairman of the Manitoba Chamber of Commerce National Unity Committee which organized the “Can-X-Pro” exchange program between Quebec and Manitoba businessmen. Louise is the first lady to receive the award. 

30 years ago. Tuesday, April 26, 1988: Where often before the Whitemud River has overspilled its banks through most of its course in the spring, the lack of winter snow and spring rains means the river water level is seasonally below normal. The dry conditions are affecting agriculture in the area. In some cases, wells have run dry, as have dugouts for watering cattle.  

20 years ago. Monday, April 27, 1998: The owners of Neepawa’s newest motel - a 34 room Super 8 - say it will be open for business by June 6. “We’re really hoping (to have it open) for the last weekend in May,” said Marilyn Giesbrecht, who owns the $1.2 million motel along with her husband Len. “But June 6 is definite,” Giesbrecht said although the opening is still several weeks away, 12 people have already been hired to staff the hotel for jobs ranging from reception to housekeeping. 

10 years ago. Monday, April 28, 2008: One of Neepawa’s biggest business deals in recent memory was announced last week, with Ryan McLaughlin buying out Rick Murray’s Murray’s of Neepawa. McLaughlin who also operates the local Chrysler Dodge Jeep franchise is nothing but positive about his new investment. “I wanted to remain in Neepawa and going with a General Motors franchise solidifies the opportunity for me and my family to stay here,” he said. “It’s big move, but business is steady and I think it’s a good move.” McLaughlin said other than changing the name of the business to McLaughlin’s, he has no initial plans for the GM dealership.