Fiddling up a storm


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Scott Woods (pictured) and his All-Star band will perform at the Roxy Theatre on Sunday, May 13.


By Eoin Devereux

Neepawa Banner & Press

A storm’s a-comin’ to Neepawa that’ll have you tapping your toes and clapping your hands, as Scott Woods and his all-star band will perform at the Roxy Theatre on Sunday, May 13.

The show features a mix of old-time fiddle music with some lively performances, including Woods renowned trick fiddling, which sees him perform somersaults and walks on a barrel while playing his fiddle. That energetic effort has earned him the nickname “the Flippin’ Fiddler”.

In an interview earlier this week with the Neepawa Banner & Press, Woods noted that the entire show is an uptempo “Branson style” of spectacle.

“For anyone who’s not familiar with [Branson style], it’s a real energetic, fun and family-friendly show that has developed out of Branson, Missouri,” stated Woods.

While Woods’ fiddle music may seem to be geared primarily towards an older audience, he said that the live performances have a broad appeal that attracts the entire family.

“Fiddle music is happy music. It has a great energy that gets everyone moving. Our style also branches out into other musical styles, including Irish and Scottish traditions. There is a great mix of styles, as well as humour that makes the entire show the type of thing that everyone can enjoy.”

Performing along with Woods will be his sister Kendra Norris, an award-winning multi-instrumentalist. Other band members include guitarist Steve Piticco, bassist Peter Sisk, drummer Bill Carruthers and champion step dancer, 13-year-old Leo Stack.

The Fiddling up a Storm tour will be in Neepawa on Sunday, May 13 at the Roxy Theatre. The start time is set for 2:00 p.m.