NACI HOPE group update



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Did you know that our overflowing landfills are filled with materials that could be recycled and reused? Although Canadians have been recycling 60 per cent more materials than in 2000, we could still do better.

The NACI HOPE group this year has been focusing more on the environment. One big focus of ours is on recycling. How well have you been recycling? Some common things that are often put in the recycling are Tim Horton disposable coffee cups, candy wrappers, kleenexes, and half full drink containers. However, these are NOT recyclable. Don’t let this scare you from recycling though! It is very important to make sure things that can be reused are recycled. The HOPE group has organized an activity for the classes to participate in at NACI. The students were asked to make sure they recycle what is recyclable and put garbage in the garbage. Each class had their recycling bins gone through by HOPE members. They were given points if they have things in the wrong bin. They wanted the lowest points possible. We are hoping to see a change in our recycling here at the school by doing these activities.

HOPE also took part in a program called Bag Up Manitoba this fall. To participate people collected plastic bags of any kind to donate them so they can be reused. We had to make sure they were clean though! We collected 4,419 bags for the program last fall.  The program sent us a bird feeder for our school made of plastic bags. Although HOPE won’t be collecting plastic bags again until the fall, you can drop them off at Safeway to recycle. These bags are can be reused to make everyday items. Our school will be doing this program again next fall so make sure you collect your bags!

HOPE’s next project is working with the Rotary Club doing a spring food drive. NACI HOPE students will be coming around to residences on May 11 to drop off bags for you to put food into. Then on the afternoon of May 15, HOPE students will be back to collect the non-perishable food items. Please leave bags with items on your doorstep and they will be picked up.  Items that are needed include canned vegetables, canned fruit, canned meat, rice, small one pound bags of sugar, small flour packages, coffee, tea, peanut butter, jam, crackers and school snacks. Please help HOPE and the Rotary Club with the food drive!

The NACI HOPE group is a social justice group open to students in Grades 6-12. HOPE stands for Helping Others Pursue Equality.