Minnedosa approves new budget



Photo by Christine Waddell

Minnedosa’s new medical clinic dominates the skyline above the town sign.


By Eoin Devereux

Neepawa Banner & Press

Minnedosa has finalized the numbers on its new financial plan.

Council reviewed and then approved the document on Tuesday, May 8. The annual operating budget for this year will be $4,593,813.70. That’s a decrease from the $5,033,807.95 that was budgeted in 2017, though the actual spending last year was only $4,519,834.86

The 2018 budget has set aside a total of $857,000.00 for capital expenditures, including a combined $255,000 for several road repair projects. Those specific upgrades include; Main Street South ($85,000), 5th Ave. S.E. ($80,000) and 2nd Ave. N.W. ($90,000). Other notable budget expenditures for this year include $185,000 to the Primary Care Clinic, $130,000 for upgrades to Victoria Bay main and service lines and $100,000 for arena repairs. A wide array of smaller projects are also receiving support.

As for the impact to property owners, the average reassessment rate will be 3.7 per cent. It’s expected that about 60 per cent of residents’ reassessment rate will be less than that number, which means they should be paying less on their taxes. For the remaining 40 per cent of property owners, the tax rate may increase, but should only go up by small portion. The exact amount will vary on a case by case basis.

Minnedosa mayor Ray Orr said this is a responsible budget.

“We’re trying to be responsible with our spending, while still doing everything we can with what we’ve got. One of the things you always find is that there’s lots of things to do and not enough money to do it. We’re the same as everybody else in that regard, but we’ll trying to do the best we can and keep the town moving forward,” said Orr.