New wash now open in Neepawa



Photo By Cassandra Wehrhahn, Story By Jessica Morton

While the doors have been open for a while now, 3D’s car wash’s three bays are now all ready to serve customers.

The 3D’s Car Wash, located on Hwy 16 at the west side of Neepawa, was built and funded by 4317361 Manitoba Limited. After doing research for the past year, they decided to use all stainless steel and aluminum materials, so that nothing would rust or deteriorate over time. The new coin-operated car wash has two inside bays and one outside bay. The inside bays feature in-floor heating, glass doors, which allow natural light, and LED lighting. Both the inside bays and the outside bay are larger and can accommodate larger vehicles. The inside bays are open from 6 - 10 p.m. and the outside bay is open until midnight.