Beautiful Plains Medical Clinic Lottery underway


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photos by jessica morton

Crews from Kerf Construction have started on the most recent expansion of the Beautiful Plains Medical Clinic, in Neepawa. This expansion, as the previous ones, will be funded by proceeds from the Medical Clinic Lottery.


By Ken Waddell

Neepawa Banner & Press

The Beautiful Plains Medical Clinic Lottery has begun and  the Early Bird Draw for $10,000 was held on May 7 and the main draw will be held on June 4.

A number of committee members are out and about selling tickets. The phone bank will be set up at the Town of Neepawa board room on Hamilton Street in downtown Neepawa. Phone calls will be going out on May 31, June 1 and 2 for the main draw.

Some feedback has been received and it certainly deserves some comment. One is that there are still many, many people in the area who don’t have a family doctor in Neepawa and would like one. While no one is ever refused medical service, as they can go to the Emergency Room at Neepawa hospital, the fact remains there are possibly hundreds of area people who don’t have a doctor in Neepawa.

That situation has caused a few people to question supporting the lottery or fund-raising for the clinic. The obvious answer is that the more the clinic expands, the better that chance there will be more doctors to meet the expanding demand for doctors. The more doctors who take up practise at Neepawa, the closer we get to everyone having a family doctor.

Another feedback has come our way and it also has merit. If a person buys a lottery ticket, a portion of the money goes towards prizes and operating expenses. Some people object to lotteries as a matter of personal conviction, so they can make a direct donation if they wish. With a direct  donation, 100 per cent goes to the clinic funding. A direct donation is also eligible for a tax deductible receipt, if the donation is given to the Town of Neepawa or one of the partnering RMs.