Out of Helen's Kitchen - Rhubarb




By Helen Drysdale

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Rhubarb is one of the few plants you can put in and forget about. It seems unaffected by drought, bugs or blights. My hardy rhubarb is up and will soon be ready to eat. It is one of the first treats from the garden. To help you with your rhubarb I will share these rhubarb recipes with you.

Cherry rhubarb crisp


1 can cherry pie filling

4 cups diced rhubarb

1 cup sugar


1 cup oatmeal

1 cup flour

1 1/4 cup brown sugar

2/3 cup butter

Combine filling ingredients. Pour into a 9x13 inch pan. Mix topping ingredients until crumbly. Spread over filling. Bake at 350° for 45-50 minutes. Serve warm with ice-cream.

Rhubarb marmalade


12 cups rhubarb


6 ground oranges


6 cups sugar


2 cups crushed pineapple


2 packages lemon Jello or another flavor of your choice

Cook rhubarb, oranges and sugar until fruit is tender. Add pineapple and cook 5 minutes. Add Jello and cook 5 more minutes. Put the hot mixture into sterilized jars and seal.