Neepawa mayor to attend meeting about hospital plan


By Ken Waddell

Neepawa Banner & Press

Mayor Adrian de Groot informed Neepawa Town Council he was meeting with Dr. Brock Wright, head of Shared Health Services for the province on June 1.

Councillor Bill Stilwell asked who would be attending and de Groot said, “The mayor as a spokesperson for the community.” Stilwell pursued the matter by asking if a regional hospital will be discussed and de Groot advised, “Not unless he brings it up?” Councillor Murray Parrot said to de Groot, “I know you are passionate about this topic and I know I am passionate about this topic so I suggest we follow your plan as discussed at AMM.” AMM is the Association of Manitoba Municipalities of which all towns, cities and municipalities are members.

In an interview with the Neepawa Banner & Press, Mayor de Groot said Dr. Wright spoke to the municipal officials (MOS) recently. “Dr. Wright shared a historical review of the transition from the Regional Health Authorities which were formed in the 1990s to Shared Health Services. It was back then that the government came up with the local contribution of ten per cent towards new facilities.

It was indicated at that time that the contribution would be reviewed so I asked Dr. Wright if it was being reviewed. He said he did not know but would get back to the Association of Manitoba Municipalities (AMM).”

When de Groot meets with Wright, he said he plans to ask about the capital contribution policy and if it is going to be reviewed. “I also will ask if there is a timeline for Neepawa.” De Groot referred to an article earlier this year when capital expenditures were announced for 2018, the Neepawa Banner & Press asked why Neepawa was not on the list. At that time the reason Neepawa was not a part of the 120 projects selected, Brian Schoonbaert Vice President of Finance for Prairie Mountain Health noted that it’s likely due to the Neepawa Health Centre falling under different criteria, as discussions over the past few years have focused on the replacement of the entire facility.

• A delegation from the Neepawa Legion came to council concerned that veterans’ graves at Neepawa’s Riverside cemetery were not planted with flowers last year. They sought assurance that the graves would be looked after this year and next year. Mayor de Groot said that the care of the veterans’ graves was turned over to the Legion some years ago, but the Legion delegation said they were not aware of that.

• Council received a request from the Neepawa Golf and Country Club for assistance with taxes. In a letter, the club said they are falling behind on equipment replacement and could use some help with the taxes, so that money could go towards equipment. The council did not make a decision.

• Council received the audited report for the Beautiful Plains Courthouse committee. The courthouse is owned jointly by the Town of Neepawa, the R.M. of Rosedale and the RM of North Cypress-Langford.

• Council authorized the sale of a lot on the former Eastview Lodge site for $45,000 to Dynamic Lands.