New kid on the block


Baby goat born at Neepawa Bird Sanctuary


Photo courtesy of Chantel Boursma. Clover the goat gave birth to a baby on Monday, June 25 at the Neepawa 

Bird Sanctuary.

By Eoin Devereux

Neepawa Banner & Press

Neepawa’s Bird Sanctuary has a brand new tenant and he’s already starting to make himself right at home. Sanctuary core committee member Brenda Ferguson has confirmed to the Neepawa Banner & Press that Clover the goat gave birth to a baby in the early morning hours of Monday, June. 25. 

Clover, who lives on a farm near Plumas during the sanctuary’s off-season, was impregnated over the winter. Her due date had previously been estimated at June 28. As for the birth itself, Ferguson explains just how it was discovered.

“Ernie Mauthe, who’s a regular at the sanctuary early in the mornings was there on Monday and noticed that Clover was not out to meet him like she usually is. He took a look inside the barn and noticed that she appeared to be in the middle of giving birth. He contacted [members of the core committee] and we then alerted [Dr. Elizabeth Ostendorf] of the Neepawa Veterinary Clinic,” noted Ferguson.

Ferguson thanked Mauthe, Dr. Ostendorf and the staff at the Neepawa Vet Clinic for their quick action throughout the birthing process. 

As for the baby, in a very short period of time, he’s already up on his feet and walking around, though he was still a little wobbly. Ferguson noted that on his first day, he didn’t venture too far away from his mother’s side. It’s expected, however, that he’ll start exploring his surroundings a little bit more over the next few days.  

Next up for Neepawa’s newest family will be the naming of the baby. The Bird Sanctuary has devised a naming contest.  There are colouring sheets available at the Town of Neepawa Office, at the Neepawa Banner & Press office and the Neepawa Public Library. Anyone interested in suggesting a name is asked to simply write their choice down on the sheets, along with their name and contact information and drop it off at the Town Office before July 12. There is a cost of $2.00 per entry and that money will be used for the purchase of food for the animals at the sanctuary. The name will be chosen by random draw with the winner getting their picture taken with Clover and the baby for a future edition of the Neepawa Banner & Press.