Hands On!


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Photo by Eoin Devereux

Pictured are just a few examples of what you can find at the Hands On exhibit at Neepawa’s ArtsForward. Each piece is made by artists in or around the community, and uses a variety of artistic mediums.


Cassandra Wehrhahn

Neepawa Banner & Press

If you haven’t stopped in to see the annual Hands On exhibit at ArtsForward already, you’ve still got time.

The exhibit, which displays works of local artists in various mediums, was originally set up during the first week of July, and will be on display until the end of the month. This year’s Hands On has seven participating artists from in and around the community, and 20-25 pieces on display. Mediums featured in the display include woodworking (such as scroll saw pieces), acrylic and oil paintings, hand built pottery, and quilting. Each year is entirely unique, and the excitement is evident. Including that of the curators!

Director of Programming, Rrain Prior, of ArtsForward expressed their excitement, noting that for every other exhibit, they know exactly what to expect and how to display it. This time of year, it’s all new to them. “It’s all surprises. So it’s always exciting, especially when a new artist comes in that we haven’t had before. I never quite know what to expect.”

Prior divulged that a lot of people make art, but don’t realize it themselves. With the Hands On exhibit, ArtsForward seeks to broaden people’s idea of what art is.

“Some people make duck decoys, glass fusings, or carve toys, and these are all things that we consider art,” said Prior. “We’re happy to show them at this show.”

The most important thing to note about the exhibit is the locality and openness. “What I love to stress is that it’s all just community artists,” Prior enthused. “It’s open to everybody, and I think it’s really valuable for everyone to see.”

If you miss your chance to view this year’s Hands On you’ll have quite a while to wait. However, an exhibit featuring Wilf Walker’s stained glass work will be displayed in August to help you bide your time. Walker’s exhibit is scheduled to be set up after the upcoming long weekend.