Looking Back - 1998 : Teachers enjoy reunion



Photo courtesy of the Neepawa Banner & Press archives

Seated left to right are Dorothy (Osborne) McFayden, Edith (Larsen) Dunsmore, Eleanor (Wareham) Stewart, Dorothy (Ellis) Forsythe and Mary (Campbell) McLaughlin.

By Cassandra Wehrhahn

Neepawa Banner & Press

80 years ago,


July 26, 1938

A shipment of made-in-Winnipeg shoes is going to a firm in Toronto this week for the first time in the history of the west.

70 years ago,


July 29, 1948

Under the direction of Terry Evans, former provincial light-heavyweight champion, northwestern Manitoba’s first boxing and wrestling show featuring ten top Winnipeg fighters, together with local bouts, will be presented Saturday, July 31, 1948, at 9:00 p.m., in the Neepawa Sports Arena.

60 years ago,


July 29, 1958

Mexico City (AP)— A movement is on foot to sink a 10 foot bronze and nickel statue of the Virgin of Guadalupe, Mexico’s patron saint, in 30 feet of water off the coast at Acapulco next December. Sponsors of the underwater shrine are Mexican frogmen and frogwomen.

50 years ago,


July 30, 1968

Though the official opening will not be observed until sometime in September, Neepawa’s new Public Library will open its doors to the public next Tuesday, August 6, 1968.

Jack Boyle, chairman of the Neepawa Library Board, announced this week that it had been decided to open next week for the convenience of local residents, despite the fact that not all books have been received to date. Most of the library’s stock is now on the shelves.

Registrations and the issuing of membership cards will commence at 10:00 a.m. next Tuesday at the Library, which is located in the former Manitoba Telephone System building on Hamilton Street, across from the Vivian Hotel.

40 years ago,


July 27, 1978

A home was built at Jordan, Ontario, in 1801 with walls constructed of clay mud and straw mixed by pigs. It is still as solid as the day it was completed. It was built by eight Mennonite brothers who came there from Pennsylvania. The mud was a mixture of the clay taken from a nearby stream, placed in a pen, covered with straw and then trampled by pigs. This was then poured into forms to build the walls, where it dried nearly as hard as concrete.

30 years ago,


July 26, 1988

July 3 Darell and Vicky Andrews drove to the annual radio control aircraft show held at Asessippi Park. The afternoon show commenced at 1 p.m. Highlighting the show was a mock WW2 fighter bombing raid on a mini village constructed of boxes. The village was actually blown up from the ground by men hidden in some bush area who detonated the village as the planes dived.

Last year Snoopy and his dog house took to the air.

20 years ago,


July 27, 1998

A mini-reunion was held at Mary McLaughlin’s at Elks Manor July 2 when five graduates of the 1938 Normal School teacher training centre at Brandon met to celebrate the event of 60 years ago.

Following a noon luncheon, the afternoon was spent looking at pictures, recalling events of 1937-38 and enjoying a reunion cake.

10 years ago,


July 21, 2008

The MacGregor-based president of the Manitoba Cattle Producers Association says a proposed $33million increase in funding to the Growing Forward framework, is a “great start”.

“It’s a great start… but until we know what it means for Manitoba producers, we can’t get too excited,” said Martin Unrau.

The framework includes a commitment to reduce government regulations and provide the necessary initiatives to enable entrepreneurs to move their business forward. It also touches on food safety systems, environmental plans, traceability, Country of Origin Labelling (COOL) and improved business risk management programs.