Major renovations completed at Bay Hill Inns & Suites


Bay Hill exterior

By Eoin Devereux

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With so many high profile construction projects on the go across Neepawa at the moment, the improvements at the Bay Hill Inns & Suites could have easier slipped under the radar. But while the people in Neepawa likely haven’t noticed yet what’s been done, visitors to our town sure have and are quite impressed by them. 

New and improved

Recently, a major interior renovation for the 34-room hotel neared completion, as the rooms received a full upgrade. Bay Hill owner/operator Kirit Modi said that the improvements included new beds, furniture, fixtures and appliances. As well, he noted the walls and ceilings had been repainted in a more vibrant colour palette. To go along with the rooms, upgrades were also made to the hotel lobby, breakfast dining area and hallways. Though an exact cost estimate was not available, Modi estimates that the cost for the improvements averages out to about $18,000 per room. 

Bay Hill New

One of the newly renovated rooms at the Bay Hill Inns & Suites

Modern but timeless

Modi said that this work first began in January and has progressed even better than they had originally anticipated.

“We are very pleased with just how the upgrades have gone. We wanted to give [Bay Hill] a modern, but timeless look and now that we’re seeing the finished product; I believe we have accomplished that,” noted Modi. “A business such as this can be very competitive, so it is very important to always be adapting to what the guests are expecting and give them that and more.”

Early response to the changes has been positive, as the reviews on travel sites and Google reviews have nearly doubled over the past month. Modi said that type of immediate and positive reaction to the upgrades is very reassuring. 

Bay Hill Old

The old look of one of the rooms at Bay Hill

But what about the pool?

A huge question for many people regarding the renovations has been connected to the future of Bay Hill’s pool, which has been out of commission since 2012. Modi said they are examining the future of the space right now. While he doesn’t dismiss the idea of bringing back the pool, it would be a difficult process.

“There are new regulations and codes that must be followed for something like this. The cost could be quite high, depending on what is required. As well, if there is a new hotel built in Neepawa within the next few years, as is being discussed, their plans, I believe, currently involve a pool and slide. So, that would be difficult to compete with,” acknowledged Modi. “It could be in our best interest to go another route, be it either a fitness and conference centre or perhaps both. It would be something that could be made available to the public. There are a few options being explored, including the pool.”

No matter what the final decision on that space is, Modi remains confident that this modern renovation demonstrates the hotel’s ongoing commitment not only to guests but to the community of Neepawa as well.


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