Looking back - 1978: Barbershoppers enjoy family weekend


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Paying rapt attention to director Clare Fandry of Langenburg, Barbershoppers sing for the audience in the outdoor Jamboree Hall at Clear Lake Saturday afternoon, 1978. Taking turns directing the large chorus were Russ Strahl of Brandon, Ron McKelvy of Neepawa, Les Innes of Saskatoon, Earl Banks of Regina, as well as Clare Fandry. Master of ceremonies was George Smellie of Winnipeg.

By Cassandra Wehrhahn

Neepawa Banner & Press

110 years ago,


August 28, 1908

A Galician, who was walking from Kemnay to Brandon, was assaulted and robbed by a party of Eastern Canada harvesters.

Skin of a young pig has been successfully grafted on to the leg of a lad in St. John. This is the first case on record of that kind of grafting in Canada.

Kate Howard, a mob-leader at Springfield, III., poisoned herself when she learned she was indicted for the murder of one of the black folks lynched in the recent rioting.

100 years ago,


August 30, 1918

Neepawa has received more fatal blows from the Kaiser this week than ever before— no less than four fatal deaths being reported in one day. Those to fall were:

Jule Adams, second son of Mr. and Mrs. T.E. Adams, late of Dauphin, now of Calgary, but formerly of Neepawa.

Henry Hearn, second son of Mrs. Wm. Montgomery, town.

Andre Hockin, second son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hockin, of South Glendale.

Robert Edgar Jones, eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Jones, of Rosedale.

R.J. Foster, former accountant in the Home Bank of  Canada, Neepawa.

Lewis Curtis, of Kinisota, lately of Kelwood, died of wounds.

Besides these fatalities the following have been wounded:

Sgt. Jauncey, of Kelwood.

Corpl. Leslie McDougall, of town.

Perry Hamilton, eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. W.M. Hamilton, of Edmonton.

E.A. White, of Franklin.

90 years ago,


August 31, 1928

The socialist government of Germany having resolved to build a battleship, its supporters outside of parliament are making hostile demonstrations.

80 years ago,


August 30, 1938

Jews holding public office in Italy have been given the “friendly advice” to resign their posts.

Japan’s “scorched earth” policy has reduced to ashes 50 walled towns and more than 800 villages in Shanxi province alone, leaving behind scenes of death and desolation.

The Czechoslovak government has made a “take-it-or-leave-it” offer to settle the dispute with the Sudeten German minority. Czechoslovakia insists on governing its own country.

70 years ago,


August 28, 1948

Within the past three years 30 junior boys’ and girls’ clubs representing a total membership of about 500 have been organized in the Neepawa district. This represents one twelfth of the 6,000 members of junior clubs throughout the province. The clubs cover a variety of interests, including seed clubs, swine clubs, garden, poultry and sewing clubs.

60 years ago,


August 29, 1958

Congratulations to W.H. Dalton, well-known resident of Neepawa, who marked the occasion of his 75th birthday, Sunday, Aug. 24, 1958. Mr. Dalton was the first white male child born in Neepawa and is the eldest continuous resident of the town. As such, he had the honour of unveiling the cornerstone of the new Secondary Area High School during Neepawa’s 75 Anniversary Week.

50 years ago,


August 30, 1968

Lynn Casselman, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H.B. Casselman of Neepawa, shared honours with another student for obtaining the highest mark (85) in Manitoba for Grade V piano from the Royal Conservatory of Music, University of Toronto. Lynn will receive the Conservatory Silver Medal and will share the Frederick Harris Scholarship of $25. She received this same award in 1965 for her Grade I piano.

Lynn has been a student of Mrs. J.C. Acutt for the past two years. She is continuing her studies under Don Henry at the Faculty of Music, Brandon University.

40 years ago,


August 31, 1978

There was a different sound in the air at Clear Lake National Park over the weekend as 180 Barbershoppers, their wives and families, lifted their voices in four-part harmony during a camporee at Sportsman’s Park.

A massed chorus of Barber Shoppers from Saskatchewan, Manitoba and North Dakota presented concerts in the park Saturday and Sunday afternoon, and formed the choir for the regular Sunday morning church service in the convention centre.

30 years ago,


August , 1988

The Neepawa Ladies Gold Club held their annual Fall Tournament on Sunday, August 28. A total of 107 golfers participated. The winners were:

Championship Flight— 1st, Linda Yablonski, Carberry, 84; 2nd, Peggy Clark, Brandon, 86; 3rd, Tannis Cochrane, Neepawa, 88.

First Flight— 1st, Fran Fraser, Neepawa, 95; 2nd, Suzanne Nicholson, Neepawa; 3rd Bernice Soroka, Neepawa.

Second Flight— 1st, Enid Graham, Neepawa, 106; 2nd, Roseann White, Neepawa; 3rd, Gail Thompson, Neepawa.

Third Flight— 1st, Mary Jackson, Neepawa, 110; 2nd, Val Newfield; 3rd, Noreen Bishop.

Fourth Flight— 1st, S. Nichol, Brandon, 109; 2nd, Heather Douglas, Neepawa; 3rd, Susan Schmall, Neepawa.

Junior Flight— 1st, Shannon Whelan, Neepawa, 63; 2nd, Christa Speiss, Neepawa, 65; 3rd, Shefali Patel, Neepawa, 65.

Most Honest Golfer— Pat Yonda, Brandon.

Closest to Hole— Katherine Tonn, 5ft. 4in.

Longest Drive— Charlotte Evanyzhyn, Brandon.

20 years ago,


August 31, 1998

A break-and-enter at Neepawa Canvas Works early last Friday netted thieves a small amount of cash, said business owner Grant Lukin.

“We were very lucky,” said Lukin. “They didn’t even take the loonies or toonies, just the paper money.”

Lukin said nothing other than cash seemed to be missing from his First Avenue building.