2018 Neepawa Terry Fox Run results


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Photo by Cassandra Wehrhahn

It may have been cold, but it wasn’t too-cold-for-icecream for this group of Terry Fox Run participants! Many others stopped for ice cream and a chat at the frozen treat checkpoint before continuing to make their way back to the NACI track for refreshments.

By Cassandra Wehrhahn

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Dismal weather certainly didn’t keep folks from participating in Neepawa’s Terry Fox Run this past Sunday.

People steadily gathered at the NACI track to register and donate, seeking shelter from the rain, wind and cold in the open garage of the shack as they waited for the 2:00 p.m. runtime to draw near.

Known cancer survivors were given balloons prior to the start time, where event organizer Dr. Kelly Krzyzaniak provided a refresher on the route and extended thanks to all who came to participate and provide support. The survivors then released their balloons and the runners, walkers, and bikers began their 5k journey, stopping at the DQ checkpoint for a tasty treat. At this time, the rain had thankfully let up.

Dr. Krzyzaniak sent in the results later that day, confirming the head count to be 50 in total, plus one fluffy canine companion. Funds raised from the pledge sheets, donations, merchandise sales and the BBQ held at Country Meadows for its residents, the local Terry Fox Run was able to raise $7,500 in Fox’s name this year.

Dr. Krzyzaniak said “It was great to see so many out, even with the weather”.