Looking back - 1978: Folks flock to Yellowhead flea market


By Cassandra Wehrhahn

Neepawa Banner & Press

110 years ago,


September 29, 1908

The British Admirality approves of Australian plans for a navy.

100 years ago,


September 27, 1918

Canadian army casualties to date number 115,809.

Publications in alien enemy languages are prohibited in Canada.

German submarines sunk 327,626 tons of allied shipping in August.

Nearly 4,000 Canadian soldiers in England have secured commissions in the British army.

90 years ago,


September 28, 1928

The ninth assembly of the League of Nations at Geneva is adjourned.

With Germany and Hungary showing dissatisfaction by not voting, the League of Nations has adopted the Benes’ report urging steps toward world arms limitation.

The Kellog Peace Pact has been strongly ridiculed by the Italian Fascist press. “It is,” says one of Mussolini’s organs, “in reality only a private agreement by which the world is divided into respective zones of influence between two great divisions of the Anglo-Saxon race.”

80 years ago,


September 27, 1938

Polish miners in France are being paid by Nazi Germany to seek autonomy within the French republic.

The United churches in the North Winnipeg constituency may have to close due to lack of support. The reason is Communism. The Communist party of Canada spends annually $50,000 in literature in Winnipeg and in the last federal election 28 per cent of the total communist vote of Canada was polled in North Winnipeg.

Germany has served an ultimatum on Czechoslovakia which will expire Oct. 1. It demands German military occupation of Sudeten areas to a depth of ten miles while arrangements for cession of territory are taking place. This resulted after Chamberlain’s talk with Hitler Friday night. War or peace hinges now on whether Chamberlain can persuade fully-mobilized Czechoslovakia to accept Hitler’s terms. He is trying to do that for the sake of peace although France and Britain are being criticized for taking this stand.

70 years ago,


September 30, 1948

Bob Hunt, proprietor of Hunt’s Cafe; Walter Towney of Wally’s Bakery, Wasagaming; and Audrey Van Alstine are expected home from a motor trip to Mexico today.

60 years ago,


September 26, 1958

St. John’s Anglican Church, Kelwood, held a Harvest Festival service Sept. 21, when fruit, flowers, vegetables and grain decorated the church. There was a good congregation in attendance.

Rev. D.W. Roberts of Neepawa, as guest preacher for the occasion, delivered a thought provoking and inspirational sermon. Rector Rev. A.M.K. Kitteringham read the lessons.

Harvest and Thanksgiving hymns were sung, with Mrs. J.W. Neill as organist.

50 years ago,


September 27, 1968

Swan River— Evidence of a single occupation campsite complete with stone knives and scrapers, charcoal, side-notched projectile points and charred bone fragments of a large mammal were uncovered in a peat bog this summer in the Big Wood area, north-west of Swan River. By comparing this material to that found in archaeological sites formerly excavated, their age was established to be from 3,500 to 4,500 B.C.

40 years ago,


September 28, 1978

An estimated 1,500 visitors thronged the Yellowhead Arena Sunday afternoon to participate in the third annual Flea Market sponsored by the Beautiful Plains Museum Committee. All 75 tables were rented out to collectors, hobbyists and others with interesting articles for sale. Sellers expressed satisfaction with the market and the patrons had a great time looking for bargains.

30 years ago,


September 27, 1988

John Atamanchuk got his final wish last Saturday when his  funeral procession was led by a horse drawn hearse. The horse drawn hearse was once a common sight, but like all vehicles that used horsepower, it was eventually replaced by automotive power.

20 years ago,


September 28, 1998

Three goals by John Haynes carried the Neepawa Tigers to a 5-2 victory over the Elton Sabres in a varsity boys’ soccer game last week.

Jordan Sawchuk and Andrew Aiken also scored for Neepawa.

In girls’ play, Sherie White scored twice and Jody Jury once as Neepawa tied Minnedosa 3-3 in varsity play.

Later in the week, Neepawa’s team split in MacGregor; winning the girls’ game 6-1 and losing the boys’ 3-2.