Josh and James Vosper’s Manitoba movie: From here 2 there


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Joshua Vosper (left) and his father James Vosper of Plumas cycled across the province in three parts over July and August of this year.

By Joshua Vosper


I am thirteen years old, I live in Plumas, Manitoba and my dad and I this past summer took our bicycles across the entire province. Our original goal was to take our bikes across all of Canada, but my mother suggested we first take our bikes across our home province. If we could accomplish the provincial goal, we would be prepared to accomplish our Canadian goal.

Biking across the heartbeat of Manitoba was completed in three separate days.

Throughout the three day journey, we documented our trip with photos and videos. Our goal is to create a full-length feature film called ‘Josh and James Vosper’s Manitoba movie: From Here 2 There.’ After we release our first film, we hope to raise enough funds to take electric bikes across Canada next year so that we can make our second film ‘Josh and James Vosper’s Canadian Cruise: From Here 2 There.’

The first bike trip was accomplished on July 26, when we traveled from our hometown of Plumas to the capital city of Winnipeg. The second trip was accomplished on August 21, when we biked from the Saskatchewan border to our hometown of Plumas. The second trip proved to be the most difficult out of the three. On our second trip, we began our 225 kilometre bike trip at 9:00 am at the Saskatchewan border and ended the trip in Plumas at approximately 1:00 am on August 22. And finally, on August 31, we completed the Provincial goal when we biked from Winnipeg to the Ontario border! When school resumed in September, I had a lot to share with my classmates.

At the end of our Canadian tour and film, my dad will help me set up an 'all electric' business using all electric lawn maintenance tools. We created a Facbook group page, a website, a YouTube channel and even a Patreon page where Patreons can pledge their financial support. We will be featured on the YouTube channel 'Now You Know' Tesla Time News which has almost 70,000 subscribers! We are trying to use social media to get people excited about our Manitoba trip, but more importantly our all Canadian trip! Please follow our links as we invite you to travel on this journey with us! Thanks for your support!