Looking back - 1988: Wesley Wong aids in a stylish cause


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Photo courtesy of the Banner & Press

Wesley Wong is pictured styling the hair of one of the Cancer Society fundraiser participants. -1988

By Cassandra Wehrhahn

Neepawa Banner & Press

110 years ago,


October 6, 1908

By the death of a Brussels banker the Prussian academy of science inherits $7,500,000.

It is estimated that 100,000 persons are out of work in Glasgow and that there are 16,000 empty houses in the city.

Contracts will be let at once for two more sections of the Grand Trunk Pacific railway in British Columbia.

100 years ago,


October 4, 1918

Woman suffrage was rejected by the United States senate.

Two foreign language papers in Winnipeg have been suppressed.

Japan has disarmed 50,000 German and Austrian prisoners of war in Russia, so they cannot help the Bolsheviki.

The Canadian government has commandeered all creamery butter made from Sept.30 to Nov.9, which will amount to 650,000 lbs.It will be shipped to England.

90 years ago,


October 5, 1928

The newly chosen Mohammedan King of Albania is being closely guarded against probable assassination by Roman Catholic Christians.

80 years ago,


October 4, 1938

Czechoslovakia accepted the Munich settlement on the German Sudeten problem to “save life and to save the nation.”

Russia has regarded the four-power conference at Munich as further capitulation by the democracies to the dictator powers.

The council of the League of Nations in a secret session, has authorized members individually to apply sanctions against Japan as an aggressor in China.

Six battalions of British troops will be sent to Czechoslovakia soon to assist in police duties carrying out the partition decreed by the Four-Power Munich agreement.

The German people demonstrated joyously before the Chamberlain’s hotel in Munich last week while he was at the four-power conference, grateful for his untiring efforts on behalf of peace.

The war scare caused a rush to British naturalization offices in Canada. Foreigners sought to swear allegiance to the British Empire to escape conscription calls from their home lands.

Chamberlain and Hitler have decided jointly that Britain and Germany shall never go to war again with each other and pledged themselves to settle any further Anglo-German disputes by diplomatic means.

70 years ago,


October 7, 1948

The Legion has moved their building from the airport and it is being placed on the foundation. The building was brought into town in two sections.

60 years ago,


October, 1958

Everyone was bowling for a Thanksgiving turkey. By the scores it’s plain to see who enjoys eating the most.

F. McLachlan, 822; R. Rush, 698; A. Wareham, 697; H. Frampton, 683; R. Bates, 643; T. Hyra, 642; C. Bee, 627; S. Lindsay, 624; G. Smellie, 621; L. Hallet, 615. Highest women’s scores were: F. Bates, 585; F. Rutledge, 580.

50 years ago,


October 4, 1968

Two representatives of the federal Department of Transport visited Neepawa Thursday and presented the keys to Neepawa airport to the mayor to officially mark the transfer of the property to the town.

40 years ago,


October 5, 1978

The business and payroll campaigns of the Neepawa and District United Way 1978 Campaign got a formal start last Monday, Sept. 25 as canvassers worked their way through the local business places toward the objective of $30,000.

30 years ago,


October 5, 1988

The Canadian Cancer Society held a unique fundraiser last Wednesday when Wesley Wong came from Winnipeg to twist and tease coiffers to new heights. There was also a showing of fall clothing during the evening which raised funds to continue the fight against cancer.

20 years ago,


October 5, 1998

Bucking the National trend, out-of-province visits to Manitoba dropped by 16 per cent between 1987-97. Nationally, tourism in Canada rose by 17 per cent.

NDP tourism critic Tim Sales attributes the drop to the Tory government’s inability to effectively market the province.