Real Estate - Did you know? Oct.5



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Real estate agents help buyers and sellers through the often complicated process of navigating the real estate market. Individuals not only want to find an agent with expertise, but also one with whom they have a strong rapport.

By asking agents certain questions up front, prospective home buyers and sellers can find the right real estate agent for their needs and save time and money in the process. The following tips can help buyers and sellers find the right agent.

• Find out how long the agent has been in the business, including how many homes he or she turns over on average. Think about using an agent who is a full-time real estate professional, rather than one who only dabbles part-time.

• Consider which geographic areas the agent handles. It’s best to find an agent who is familiar with a particular town, city or even subdivision.

• Assess the agent’s personality and ability to remain calm under pressure.  He or she can then extend that placid demeanor on to buyers or sellers who may be feeling stressed by the prospect of home ownership.