Looking back - 1978: Discovery Train comes to Brandon


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Photo courtesy of Banner & Press archives. Folks from Neepawa and area flocked to join the crowd in Brandon surrounding the Discovery Train. The train remained for three days before continuing on its way.

By Cassandra Wehrhahn

Neepawa Banner & Press

110 years ago, Tuesday, October 27, 1908

The Canadian mile record for an auto was lowered to 1.08 on Saturday by C. Power of Winnipeg.

100 years ago, Friday, October 25, 1918

German submarine depredations in September were notably less than in previous months.

It is estimated that five million people have died of starvation or malnutrition during the war.

All parts of Macedonia invaded by Bulgarians have been evacuated by them, and the Greeks are keen to attack Turkey.

German prisoners recently captured in France say that evacuation had been decided on some weeks ago and was in progress ever since.

The Kaiser continues to howl for peace and the allied armies continue to drive the German armies toward the Rhine. The British have got Valenciennes.

President Wilson has once again taken to writing notes to the Kaiser, but with two million United States soldiers in France he is more “sassy” than he used to be when there were none.

Events are developing fast in the Balkans. French troops are reported to have reached the Danube river at Vidin, which is on the boundary between Bulgaria and Romania, and only about 60 miles from the Austrian border.

From the declaration of war up to June last the British navy had grown from a gross tonnage of two and a half millions displacement and a personnel of 140,000 to six and a half millions displacement and a personnel of 400,000.

90 years ago, Friday, October 26, 1928

France is said to be building 31 warships.

A British scientist claims to have overcome the law of gravity.

Argentina has forgiven Paraguay war debts exceeding a billion dollars.

One of the ancient landmarks of Neepawa— the Ludlow blacksmith shop building, which was moved back to make room for the present Rutledge garage— has been demolished to again make room for an expansion of said garage.

80 years ago, Tuesday, October 25, 1938

Great Britain and Germany have started a joint effort to mediate between China and Japan.

A French police drive against a spy ring allegedly serving Italy has brought the arrest of one of its own inspectors.

Germany wants to become a third partner to the British-United States trade treaty now under negotiation in Washington.

Establishment of an air training command for Canada, with headquarters at Toronto, has been announced by the minister of defence.

Propaganda minister Goebbels has asserted that Nazi Germany, strengthened by territorial gains, would become one of the world’s strongest military powers within five years.

The Japanese have conquered Canton with little resistance and it is expected the provisional capital of Hankow will fall at any time. It is conceded that China is licked by the huge Jap war machine.

Leakage of information relating to Canadian defence matters is worrying the national defence department. For some time items considered of a highly confidential character have found their way into public circulation.

70 years ago, Thursday, October 28, 1948

Tony Evans’ boxing and wrestling class is going strong out at the airport Drill Hall. He has the boys, Murray Wilkie, Bill Adams, Keith Partaker and others learning the fine points (if there are any) of modern wrestling, and the boys are becoming quite adept at the grappling game.

60 years ago, Friday, October 24, 1958

Final plans are now being made by the Boys and Girls Committee of the Neepawa Lions Club for the entertainment of the youth of Neepawa and district at the annual Hallowe’en Party to be held in the West Park School Auditorium.

The proposed plan calls for a program consisting of three parts. First, there will be prizes awarded for the pre-school children and to Grades 1 to 8 for the best fancy and comic costumes. Following this, there will be an amateur show.

The Melody Pals will supply the dance music for the teenage dance at which prizes will be awarded for the best costumes and for novelty dances. In addition to this, the teenagers will receive free cookies and chocolate bars.

50 years ago, Friday, October 24, 1968

During the first two weeks of October, colorful posters covered the walls at Viscount School as students’ campaigns were carried out for positions in the student council. Witty slogans were added to the posters and badges.

The elections held on Oct. 9 carried the following results: President, Wayne Larsen; vice-president, Carol Holmstrom; secretary treasurer, V. Stoddart; editor, Valeria Murrie; social convener, Ruth Lobban; girls’ sports representative, Beverly Masters; boys’ sports representative, Glen Jackson.

40 years ago, Thursday, October 26, 1978

People of all ages are curious to discover what Canada’s Discovery Train is all about. The train began its 19 city inaugural tour of Canada in Kingston, ON. on July 22 and will end the trip on Nov. 15 in Sault Ste. Marie. Viewers from Neepawa and area can explore the train and its moving sidewalks at Brandon’s CP Rail Station from Saturday, Oct. 29 to Tuesday, Oct. 31, 1978.

30 years ago, Tuesday, October 25, 1988

Charlie Mayer, who won the federal riding of Portage-Marquette in 1979, is now running for the seat in the redistributed riding of Lisgar-Marquette. Mayer was in Neepawa last Thursday to open his constituency office. He said that as a party, the conservatives have “behaved as a national government.”

20 years ago, Monday, October 26, 1998

The format of the Neepawa all-candidates forum was roundly criticized by several anonymous telephone callers to The Neepawa Press last week.

One caller said he submitted questions for mayoral candidate Ken Waddell that went unasked by moderator Nelson Jackson.

Three other callers said their questions were never asked during the course of the 2-½ hour forum sponsored by the Neepawa and District Chamber of Commerce.