A display of Grit and Grace



Photos by Kira Paterson. Pictured above are the workout demonstrators and fashion models as well as the owners and operators of Whitey’s Fitness & Body Shop and It’s Time Fashion & Gifts. Back row (from left): Alanna Ford, Jenna Lowry, Belinda Stewart, Barb Reid, Bev Davie, Olga Ivanets. Middle row: Pam Birch, Tara McCarty, Andrea Wilson, Sherry Hollier, Michelle McKay, Sherrie White, Michelle Jarvis, Mavis Kulbacki, Maidyl Abello. Front row: Rhian Beever,Sherry Francis, Shelley Graham, Ashley McCaughan, Chloe Hamilton, Ineke Mack.

By Kira Paterson

Neepawa Banner & Press

On Thursday, Oct. 18, Whitey’s Fitness & Body Shop and It’s Time Fashion & Gifts teamed up to put on Grit and Grace, a fitness and fashion show. This was their second of what they hope to make an annual event at Whitey’s gym. The purpose of the evening was to show the ladies who attended two great ways to make themselves feel beautiful and confident.

The first half of the show was a 40 minute strength workout that was demonstrated by some of Whitey’s gym members. The ladies were at all different levels, some having been members for many years and others having just joined the gym recently. They all shared why they enjoy going to the gym and encouraged spectators not to be scared to join. They emphasized how great they felt after working out and how supportive and welcoming all the gym members are to newcomers.

The second part of the night was the fashion show. Many of the gym members who had been doing demonstrations, as well as a few extra volunteers, took to the catwalk. It’s Time employees had fun dressing the ladies up to show off some of the store’s clothing and inspire the spectators of all ages, shapes and sizes to try some new looks that they didn’t know they could pull off.

“It’s all about empowering you, when you step just a little bit out of your comfort zone, whether it is pushing yourself at the gym or wearing something you have admired on others but have never felt comfortable wearing yourself,” says Ineke Mack, owner of It’s Time Fashion and Gifts. “Doing this fitness and fashion show is an awesome way that these ladies get to show off their hard work.”

They sold tickets for admission to the event, with the money going to a good cause. Over $800 was raised and non perishable foods were also collected all to go to Neepawa’s food bank.

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Left: Michelle Jarvis demonstrates part of a strength workout. Right: Maidyl Abello models an outfit from It’s Time.