McDonald’s gives back


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Photo by Kira Paterson

Pictured from left: BPCF members Kate Jackman-Atkinson and Shelley Graham, McDonald’s Supervisor Ross Sheard and BPCF Treasurer Ian Thomson

By Kira Paterson

Neepawa Banner & Press

From Friday, Oct. 12 to Sunday, Oct. 14, McDonald’s in Neepawa had a grand opening celebration for their new double lane drive-thru. McDonald’s took the opportunity to not only give back to its customers, but also to the community.

During those three days, one dollar for every car that went through the drive-thru was donated to the Beautiful Plains Community Foundation (BPCF).

Ross Sheard, Supervisor of the Brandon, Portage and Neepawa branches of McDonald’s explained why they chose to make the donation. “This was a good opportunity to raise awareness for the double lane drive-thru. What better way than to raise awareness and funds for the most prominent foundation in the community?” Sheard said. He noted that they wanted to put the money towards something in the community so they did some research and found that BPCF puts thousands of dollars into many different local projects every year.

A donation of $1,865 was given to the foundation, which means that 1,865 cars went through the Neepawa drive-thru in those three days. Sheard noted that they were quite pleased with the turnout and extended thanks to every customer who came out to support BPCF.

The foundation has a fund that accumulates interest and the interest from that fund is what they divide up for grants each year. Every donation to BPCF goes into this fund, allowing each dollar given to continue to contribute to the community every year.