Six brothers return from war


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Left to right: Patrick, George, and Norman Campbell

By Lenda Jerome Campbell

Niece of Campbell Veterans

My grandfather, Angus Campbell, came from Scotland. Six Campbell brothers served  in WWII but I’m not sure what year. He settled with his brothers in the Kinosota area.

He was a peddler, he married my grandmother, Mary Ranville. They had 15 children, 12 sons and three daughters. As the years went by, they settled in the RM of Ochre River.

Grandpa and my father started a family farm, the farm still exists today. My brother still farms on the same land.

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Left to right: Joe, Walter, and Frank Campbell

As time went by, my dad’s brothers joined up to serve their country in WWII. I believe they all signed up in Winnipeg. They were young men. My mother always told us about those long ago times. The young men were excited to go see the world; little did they know what lay in store for them. One of my uncles, Pat Campbell, was a prisoner for five years in Asia somewhere. Not too much was said about his confinement. One by one, as the war ended, they all returned to Canada. My parents were so proud of them. Six left and six came back.

I believe I have the honour to be a part of this family. Not too many families had six sons deployed and all returned home. One of my dad’s sisters went over to Scotland with a Scottish soldier she met. We never heard from her again. They tried to find her, but to no avail. Another casualty of the war.