To all of our readers who receive the Neepawa Banner & Press via Canada Post:


Banner Staff

An outage on Canada Post’s website has meant that across Canada, commercial customers like us are unable to complete the forms and tags needed to send our papers. Since Tuesday, we have been working with CP’s tech support and customer service teams to find a solution that would allow us to get the papers out.

Fortunately, some of the paperwork was completed before the outage, but as of Thursday morning, we have no idea when the Canada Post website will be fixed. Without the proper paperwork, Canada Post won’t accept or deliver our papers.

Papers in our community boxes will go out as usual, as will papers to Gladstone, Minnedosa, McCreary, Erickson, Austin, Woodside, Ste Rose, Brookdale, Wellwood and Polonia.  We will send the other papers as soon as the Canada Post site is back up.

Thank you for your understanding.

Remember, you can always read the paper for free, in its entirety at