Preaching for Pentecostals


By Sheila Runions

Banner Staff

Rivers has a new minister in its midst on Sunday and Monday. Barry Mossip lives on a farm south of Griswold and just off Hwy. 21 but for the last six weeks has been coming to Rivers to watch and learn, then ultimately preach. His first Sunday as a paid official (associate pastor) was June 4. He succeeds Nathan Klassen, who was interim pastor at Zion Church in February 2012 and who became full-time in April 2014; Nathan resigned the end of February 2017.

Barry is currently enrolled in Saskatoon’s Horizon College and Seminary distance education (online courses); he has completed three of 10 classes needed to obtain the recognition of ministry credential with Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada (PAOC). He grew up in Thompson, attending that PAOC; later attending at Calvary Temple in Brandon and then Cornerstone Family Worship Centre in Hamiota.

“I was called by the Lord two years ago to go to Hamiota; my wife Amanda and I were the primary youth leaders there. In spring last year, I received the call to ministry so I started taking classes in September. Then I found this opportunity to minister in Rivers. I saw postings on the PAOC website but the Rivers posting was different. It didn’t say they needed two years of seminary, it just said they needed a pastor so I called so see what the credential requirements were; this is a little different than normal routes. First I met with the PAOC district superintendent and after that I met with Warren [Smallwood, pastor] a few times and met the basic stuff like having a pastor’s support — which would be Orland [Usick] at Hamiota and being over 30. Then Warren just asked if I wanted the [associate] job and that was that. 

“I actually came here for a Sunday meal greet and then Mother’s Day we came incognito and sat in the back row and watched. We have been encouraged by the congregation and I’m just encouraged by anyone who comes to the church. I’m excited to get out in the community and see what’s going on.”

After a few weeks to settle in he may start “outreach ministries; any current programs in place will remain. I’m always working on something, but I do have a secular job to pay the bills. I work for Netset Communications as a tech support agent. Amanda is an ECE 2 (early childhood educator); she works at YMCA south. Right now I’m in Rivers Monday and Sunday; in August I’ll be here Monday, Tuesday and Sunday.”

Barry has also worked with Brandon Korean Church and delivered messages at the mission outreach at Canupawakpa Dakota Nation near Oak Lake. He and Amanda have a baby boy, Reven, aged 20 months.

“One last thing: I encourage everyone to come on out on Sunday morning. Service starts at 10:30, but we have prayer time at 10 in the main sanctuary. This coming Sunday we have a Father’s Day message (The Lost Boys, Part One) then some free hotdogs after the service. I hope to see a whole bunch of new faces in the pews! We have Sunday school for the wee ones.”