Remembering a rector


By Sheila Runions

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Charlie Greene ministered in the Rivers area more than 60 years ago, yet there will no doubt be some readers who still remember the name or even the man himself. Therefore, an interesting incident has been asked to be shared with you.

“While driving into Bradwardine to get my mail on Saturday, June 10,” says Clair English, “I observed a gentleman looking at the memorial cairn near the highway on the old school grounds. I stopped to see if he had a connection to the town or had any questions I could possibly answer. He explained he was out from Winnipeg and was just touring points of interest. He had been to Rivers where his father was the minister at St. James’ Anglican Church from 1955-59. I asked for the name of his father, as I was sure I would know him; he told me Charlie Greene.

“I informed him I knew his father well and that I had St. Matthew’s Ancrum Church on my farm; he didn’t recognize that name. I told him his dad had three charges while he was in Rivers; Roseville, Rivers and Ancrum, and that I had been to nearly every service with his dad at Ancrum. He then asked to view the church and was very impressed to observe all the write-ups I have there, the condition of the church. He wished to extend greetings to his father’s former parishioners. 

“It was an exciting time for me, and a really exciting time for him to see his dad’s church here and in Rivers. This lad was born after the family moved to Neepawa so the area was new to him; he had an older brother and sister and both his parents are deceased.”