Observation - November 17, 2017


Addy Oberlin
Neepawa Banner & Press

The winter season has arrived with snow and cold. There is no mistake and we are in it for the next few months. Living on the prairies we know that our seasons are distinct when we live in a farming community. If the seasons come together well with seeding, growing and harvest the farmers are very happy. This never changes.

When we look at our own lives, we know that we can look at different seasons also. When we are blessed to have children and see them grow up healthy and happy we foresee a great time of harvest, that when we become in the season of harvest and have to pass on the reigns, they will take over and look after the parents, just as they loved and cared for the children when they were growing up.

Ecclesiastes puts it so beautiful in Chapter 3:1 “To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose in heaven.

May we all be blessed, whatever season we are in and whatever season is awaiting us