Observation - December 15, 2017


Addy Oberlin
Neepawa Banner & Press

The road trip took us out of town for two days. When we came back it was almost dark. When we came closer to home I noticed the yard lights on the horizon. Those lights represented a farm, a home to someone. It brought back an interesting thought.

I did not live very long at the farm, but whenever we came close to being home I noticed the yard light and I was ready to be home again. It made me think of our Heavenly Home. How ready are we to be Home with Jesus? Some people look forward to this event and are eagerly waiting, others want to still do so many things in this world that they do not even think about their Heavenly Home. However we need to be ready now and when the call comes that we know for sure that a better place is waiting for us. We have to get our life right with our Creator first, the one who gave us life to start with. Then we know that Jesus is preparing a place for us; that we can be where He is (John 14:2,3).