The last word - Sunday, Feb. 4, 2017


By Rev. Glenna Beauchamp

Rivers United Church

Who gets the last word? Every political leader wants it. Every political leader has one or more pieces of legislation he wants to get passed and for which he hopes he will be remembered forever. It might be around housing for the poor, tax reform or eliminating red tape for businesses.

Of course, in a democracy, no leader can stay to ensure he gets the last word on anything. Dictators, like Mugabee, keep themselves in power by any means, to make themselves the last word. But today, the question of who will have the last word on the use of nuclear weapons is critical. And it makes many people uneasy, if not terrified.

We have at least two self-focused world leaders who believe they must have the last word on everything, but they won’t. Even if — God forbid! — they blow up this beautiful planet and kills its precious people, they will not have the last word on human life.

“I am the Alpha and Omega…. the beginning and the end says the Lord God.” — Revelation 1:8a

God was there at the beginning, creating all things. God will be there at the end. It is God who will have the last word. And God’s last word is a new life. A  life where there is only peace, grace, righteousness, joy and unconditional love. God has promised to finish what He started. The last word is His alone.