Observation - May 4, 2018


Addy Oberlin
Neepawa Banner & Press

My heart is troubled. We have lost many lives this past month through accidents and willful destruction. And with many others I say “why?” Young people’s lives were cut short. Moms and Dads lost part of their family. It is heartbreaking. Some are still in hospital and may be scarred for life.

I do not really have the answer. Are we as a society drifting away from God and His guidance and direction? Maybe. Are we more tolerant and accepting of the ways of this world? Maybe. When I look around I see churches that are less than half full. Have we lost interest in the things of God? Is this a wake-up call for all of us? Maybe.

When I search the Scriptures I find that it is never too late to seek the Lord and He will be found. In the Psalms David often tells us to “Seek the Lord, and His strength, seek His face forever” (Psalms 104:5)) In Luke 12:31 we read “for rather seek ye the kingdom of God …...”