Observation - June 29, 2018


By Addy Oberlain

Neepawa Banner & Press

This weekend we are celebrating Canada Day. We can rejoice that we live in a country that is not overrun by oppressors.

It is a country that helped my birth country to be freed from our enemy, more than 70 years ago. Canada is a country where we can find isolated lakes and mountainsides where we can seek peace for body and soul.

This year Canada Day is on a Sunday. There will be music in many churches and in the afternoon the park will be buzzing with music and entertainment, because we live in Canada and are thankful.

However many people in this world are not as privileged. We need to remember them in our prayers and in other ways that we can help. I hear of young people who go to countries that are ruined by natural causes and need help. God will honor those who offer a willing hand, either in their own neighborhood or in a country far away.

Let’s celebrate this weekend.