Observation - July 5, 2018


By Addy Oberlain

Neepawa Banner & Press

Yes, the summer holidays are here. Schools are finished and plans are made to get ready for this big camping trip.

Or maybe now is the time to go to the cabin and get the rest you have been waiting for all these months. Maybe a big family reunion is on the schedule and preparations are made to get together. I still have such wonderful memories when my children organized a reunion to celebrate my birthday last year and all my children and their families were there. Precious memories. That’s how we build them.

However when we go away somewhere, let’s not forget to take Jesus with us. Have a Bible with us to strengthen us daily and give us support each day, one step at a time.

A digital app on our telephone does not take up extra space and we have it with us wherever we go, our life line with reality.

Have a safe, wonderful and blessed time this summer.