Homebodies - It began innocently


By Rita Friesen

It began innocently. The day had been deliberately set aside as a “do nothing” day. The week past had been productively busy, the week ahead much the same. It was time for rest and relaxation. Smell the springtime, enjoy the coffee. Then I wandered past the single car garage.

Some time ago one wheel had slipped out of the track for the garage door. It could still be opened and closed. But it looked a little sad, like a lopsided smile. How difficult could getting it back on track be? Not very, if you know what you’re doing and have the correct tools. Pry bar, hammer and a bit of determination. Actually I had to relocate a mess of winter debris before I could properly access the area. That garage gets the flotsam and jetsam of the winter, so there was the recyclable heap, extra boards that match my home woodwork, and a melee of garden tools. The door once again ran smoothly up and down, n’er a grimace to its face. 

But then the stuff that had been moved begged for attention. Extra house parts out to the granary. Recycles to the ‘curb’ (bags fit for the trunk of the car!) and then the garden tools. Well, it would make sense to pound in a few nails and get them hung, up off the concrete floor. But, now that the space is tidy, perhaps I could improve on it further. I have long desired to become more comfortable working with wood. Why not turn this space into my space?

 Indeed, why not? Shelf brackets? On the shelf. Shelving boards? Stacked by the door. Nails or screws? Logic called for screws, and they too, were already in the garage. I could recall were I had last used the drill. Readjusting the front door in fall. And so my “do nothing” day progressed. The shelf was relatively level, accounting for a slight incline to allow moisture to run off, at least that’s what I told myself. Mounted a peg board above that and searched out pegs for the said board. Not bad. 

Now a series of trips to the big shed. The electric sander is mine, a requested anniversary gift. So is the jig saw. And the mitre saw – a gift from a like minded friend. Deep down I know that all the tools in the shop are mine now, but it doesn’t feel right to take some of them out their forever home. They are shop tools, not play with wood tools. There is also a table saw, I think is mine, but may be needed for an upcoming shop project. 

 Shelf up, peg board mounted, equipment hung and the floor swept. Looks good. Now I hope that the first project I undertake will be a success, or I will have to dismantle and retrace all my steps!