Homebodies - There always is a list of possible yard jobs


By Rita Friesen

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It has been a rewarding week for my goal of 30 minutes extra yard work. I have to admit, when the days were super hot and overly humid, I fell behind in my ambition and achieving my goal. 

I don’t count picking peas as an extra yard work task. However, filling the wheelbarrow with thistles and portulaca counts. As does deadheading flowers, snapping maple shoots off the gnarled trunk and removing cockleburs and those terrible little burrs. 

I missed one of those thin, brambly ones close to the house, and Miss Daisy found it. She doesn’t have dog hair, she has sheep’s wool. She doesn’t like to be trimmed and tidied, but the torment of the burrs allowed her to accept my assistance. Not for all of them, but some. Point in my favour.

Several tasks were very rewarding. There is a low growing cedar, a dusty green that creeps and covers the ground, that had crept and covered much more ground than I realized. I started with the small shears and when I saw the extent of the space it blanketed, I went for the big guns. Leather gloves and clippers. I was amazed at how quietly it has encroached on the path. Rather like little evils, it had gained a foothold and advanced unimpeded. 

 In the same scene is the water feature, and old farm pump modified for the circulating water to continuously flow down the spout. The “well” is backed by a lilac bush. The first year we lived here, I attempted to clear the debris among the lilac by igniting it. Bad call! The bush was tall enough that the branches could caress the porch. Not a good idea when the lilac branch is engulfed in flames! To say the least, I have tried to subdue the lilac clump to a non- threatening size. I realized that once again, the branches had grown and the underbrush filled in. The sound of the cascading water was muffled. So I attacked the lilac. By the time I hauled the branches to the burning pile, I will admit that task required more than my allotted 30 minutes. But it is done and I like the look and sound of it much better.

Another morning, the grass around the building got whacked. I do appreciate the electric device I purchased. No more frantic pulls on the start cord. No more mixing of the concoction needed in the fuel tank. Just a heavy length of electric cord to shlep around the yard. Another  plus is that some parts of the yard don’t have an outlet close enough so some areas just don’t need to be trimmed!

 There always is a list of possible yard jobs. The 30 minutes are perfect for the dogs to get some exercise and for me to enjoy the outdoors. There are a couple of all day tasks I would love to accomplish, but I will await recruits for those. Friends- be forewarned!