Right in the centre - Justin should be ashamed of himself


Ken Waddell
Neepawa Banner & Press

am certainly no fan of our present prime minister Justin Trudeau and for a number of reasons. However, no matter what my opinion of Trudeau’s style and policies may be, nothing he has ever said, done or not done comes close to his callous answer to a wounded Canadian veteran. In a town hall meeting, a Canadian wounded war veteran who lost one leg and part of his other leg asked the PM a question. He basically said that he signed up knowing he might be wounded or that he might be killed. What he didn’t sign up for was to be mistreated by his own government. He asked why the government was fighting veterans’ request for compensation.

Trudeau’s answer was one of the most crass and ignorant answers I have ever heard from a politician. Now understand I have been listening to politicians for nearly 60 years but this statement takes the prize as the most ignorant I have ever heard. Trudeau said the reason they are fighting some veterans groups is because the vets are asking for more than the government can afford to give them at this time.

Wow! That is unbelievable but it came straight from the PM’s own mouth. Trudeau is the guy who paid $10 million to a terrorist and is planning to pay others large settlements. This is a prime minster that fiddles and diddles with funds from rich friends and the Trudeau foundation. This is the PM who pays millions to Bombardier and other corporations. This is the PM who says we should bring back ISIS terrorists into Canada and rehab them so they will be nice to us when they come home. His crass answer is almost unfathomable. Maybe Trudeau is speaking to some kind of liberal-minded core vote that doesn’t like the military when he put down this unfortunate veteran. Don’t know, but his answer made no sense and totally lacked empathy.

That we have vets, in pain and suffering losses that no ordinary person could bear, is a shame on our country and a bigger shame on our government. No suffering vet should be denied help. I come from a long line of veterans, my father, my grandfather, all my uncles and my oldest brother. None were physically wounded. Only my brother suffered obvious PTSD symptoms. They got a bit of pension and after their service carried on with their lives. Many of our modern day veterans have been wounded and suffer from PTSD effects. They should not be denied help. What the PM has said should cause all Canadians to be very angry by the neglect of vets on one hand and the disdainful spending in shameful ways that seem to be common with Trudeau.

I doubt that the vets will get either help or an apology but they should.

Time for our PM to smarten up. Justin should be ashamed of himself.