Right in the centre - About truth and really exchanging opinions


Ken Waddell
Neepawa Banner & Press

It is becoming more and more important to examine whatever we are told to determine if it is true or not. In all of history, it has been important to dissect information to determine if it is truth or fiction. However today, we are flooded with more information than has ever been available in the history of the world.
Take for example that the government is supposed to protect lives. That is a reasonable assumption and expectation. If that assumption is correct, then why can we not have a proper discussion about abortion. In 2010 there were 64,000 abortions in Canada but that doesn’t get included in the death rate for that year (240,000). Abortion doesn’t statistically qualify as a death. To listen to the pro-choice movement, we are not allowed to even question or discuss this huge loss of life. We must just close our eyes, close our minds and pretend it doesn’t happen and all will be good. Well, all is not good.

Let’s examine the information we are fed as truth. Abortion may be unavoidable in rare cases. I get that. But abortion surely cannot have been unavoidable in 64,000 cases. Surely there could have been and should have been a discussion about alternatives. To even suggest there be a discussion or counselling causes many pro-choice people to get very upset. Then there is the very basic challenge to the truth surrounding the very name of pro-choice movement. There is never a choice for the aborted baby.

My point is, let there be honest and open discussion about issues like abortion as well as many other issues.

We have been recently instructed by our Canadian prime minister that veterans are asking for more than the government can afford. I see! More than we can give Bombardier, more than the PM’s trip to India? More than he gave to terrorists? More than what it will cost to “rehabilitate” ISIS fighters sneaking back home to Canada? The truth please, Mr. Prime Minister and some real discussion along with it.

How about the carbon tax. Just about every conservative government and conservative opposition party in Canada has come out against the carbon tax. The Manitoba government is an exception on carbon taxing. I think they have run down the wrong trail on this issue. The carbon tax is a farce. It’s a tax grab that will accomplish nothing. Where is the truth in all this? Carbon is not a bad poisonous gas. It is essential for plant growth. Without carbon, we would not have life on earth. Besides, Canada produces so little carbon that in the world scheme of things it is almost negligible.  We are being lead around by a ring in our nose by governments who are ignoring truth or reality.

How about recycling? It is also becoming a farce. This government forced and subsidized recycling industry is failing. There are products that can be economically recycled and there are products that can’t. The whole recycling industry, especially in Manitoba, is about to collapse. Recycling almost always works for products like copper, aluminum and steel. It sometimes works for cardboard and newsprint. Glass has particular problems that can only likely be handled effectively with a levy.Trash and most food waste are true garbage and should be clean burned to create energy.

We are expected to believe whatever the mass media and governments tell us. Sometimes they actually tell the truth but many times the information we get and are forced to believe is not factual, sometimes it isn’t even reasonable.

Let’s all think a bit more about the information we are fed and push back a bit harder. I for one am tired of being told that I must think a certain way or believe a certain thing.