Letters - Follow your own policies



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I am appalled at the destruction of the community green space at McGill Street and Adelaide Crescent. 

The Town of Neepawa council conducted the sale of this green space. We lived on Adelaide Crescent for many years.  In 1999, we talked to the town CEO about purchasing part of the space to plant fruit trees.  We were told that the lots were deemed as a green space for children to play. As well it was not a good space to build homes on due to the built-up hill above and the related water drainage problem. The need for a green space at that end of town was a solution to this piece of property. When we had family visiting it was a safe and enjoyable spot for the kids to play. The neighbours, the Watsons, kept the property in pristine condition so that it was a source of pride for the community.

It is hard to believe that there were not fraudulent intentions to the property not being advertised, especially since the Town did not follow its own land policy sales resolution, just passed in 2017.  It is easier to see that some members of the council may have multiple conflict of interests with the land developer who was sold the property well below its actual value and against the wishes of town residents (ie. Voters).

If our town council does not follow its own policies and act in the best interest of the community it serves then it is time for, at the very least, a change of council, and at most, an external investigation into this sale.  Either way, remember to choose your votes carefully this upcoming election.

Helen Drysdale

Neepawa, MB