Letters - Only one real purpose



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Regarding your recent editorial on the spread of “break and enter” type crime to rural areas: I agree with much of what you write. Until you expressed regret at having given up your shotgun.

Scare “them” away. Probably the worst action you can take in a physical confrontation is to bring a weapon that you have no intention of using. Your adversary will probably take your weapon and use it against you. One of you will be dead!

You often remind us that you consider yourself a Christian, and that human life is sacred, so how can you even suggest using a deadly weapon in the defense of property? A firearm has only one real purpose. To kill. Either human or animal, but kill. Put it another way, sir. What property do you own that is worth more than a human life?

Something to consider. A major Canadian police force lost three officers this summer to suicide brought on by post – traumatic stress disorder. The common thread joining these cases was that each of the officers had taken a life while doing their duty. These highly trained individuals could not live with themselves. Could you?

Leonard Paramor,

Arden, MB